Covid-19 Protocol & Safety Measures

Following the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, Galaxy Suites has acquired the Health First safety protocol Badge. The Protocol includes the development of an Action Plan and the development of a Suspected Case Management Plan. The aim of the Action Plan is to prevent the occurrence and effective management of suspicious cases in order to limit the exposure of staff and guests, always in accordance with the current guidelines of the National Public Health Organization. The Action Plan complies with the recommendations of the National Public Health Organization and will be revised according to the developments.
The measures described in the Action Plan and the Suspected Case Management Plan are meant to protect our staff and guests and to outline the necessary measures to prevent and protect against COVID-19 disease.
  • Regular updates to employees regarding COVID-19 and ways for safe working.
  • Operation of the Hotel with a specific number of staff, only the security personnel.
  • Hygiene protective material is provided to ensure both the health of guests and staff and the proper functioning of the Hotel.
  • Strict hygiene protocols are being frequently revised and adapted to the current situation.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at the hotel’s public areas, such as the reception and visitor’s WCs.
  • Proper and constant ventilation is practiced in all areas of the hotel.
  • Infrared thermometers are available at the reception for guest’s temperature controls, as well as at the entrance of the hotel’s staff.
  • Medical masks and gloves are provided to all employees, in case needed, to guests too.
  • Breakfast is served only in the rooms.
  • Medical care: Greek Ministry of Health’s protocol is applied.